Keurig K Cup Brewer Review

Keurig K Cup Brewer Review PRODUCT: Keurig K500 Series Brewer PRICE: $179.99 Retail from Keurig (for the current K575 model—the K500 is no longer available) BREW SIZES Cup: 4 oz to 12 oz; Carafe: 1 to 4 cups RESERVOIR CAPACITY: 80 oz. (32 oz.) My rating: 9.5 out of 10 First of all, to be perfectly … Read more

K-Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers

K-Cup Pods galore!!! Well, how many are there? At this writing, there are 351 K-Cups for Keurig coffee makers available according to Keurig, and I guess they should know.  Have I tried them all?  Uh, no.  Not even close.  Maybe a dozen, or a dozen and a half, but I really haven’t counted. Some I … Read more

Uses For My Keurig Coffee Maker

So Many Uses, So Little Time Keurig offers many options with its wide variety of Coffee Makers and K-Cup Pods, but the possibilities don’t stop there. Not use Keurig K Cup Pods?  WHAT? There are accessory Reusable Coffee Filters in various sizes that can be used for canned or bagged coffee that you might have … Read more

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